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  2. Hi Maria,

    We briefly met at Opera Bar after your performance at The Studio. Just thought I would send a quick note to congratulate you on a great performance. One of my passions is Mikrasiatika, Smyrneika and Rembetika and you did a superb job at bringing such familiar sounds to life in your performance! My wife and I throughly enjoyed it and look forward to your next performance. Best wishes and keep up the great work!

  3. Hello.

    I saw Maria Yiakoulis and her entourage perform with Marinella and Dalaras on Friday and was very moved by the performance and her voice. I would like to know if Maria has any CDs and where these can be purchased. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Maria Hatzidimitris
  4. Dear Maria,

    I just wanted to send you a short note to say that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your concert at the Opera House Studio on 27.03.04. We didn’t really know what to expect, but were very impressed, thrilled and moved by your and your colleagues’ inspiring and intelligent performances.We wish you more and more success and look forward to seeing you again in concert.

    George and Dora
  5. I came to your perfomance at the Sydney Opera House and have never forgotten the passion of your performance.

  6. Hi Maria, just a big hello and really enjoyed your performance on Saturday. I know the recording and the Mix will go great, and look forward to the finished product. Also let me know if you have any gigs coming up, put me on your mailing list, and if possible would love to try and go to it. Take care and the very best wishes.

  7. Maria’s sultry siren voice draws you into the world of myth and dreams, taking you on an unforgettable musical journey.

    Oneira Festival
  8. My name is Sietel, we met at Milk and Honey Cafe in Canberra back in July and I made it to your concert at the National Gallery later that evening. I have been meaning to send an email sooner than this one, but have this uncanny knack for deferring important correspondences. I did very much enjoy the concert, I think you are a singer with as mellifluous a voice as I’ve heard in recent times. Even now I have a strong auditory recollection of your final song that evening, ‘Hallelujah’ I believe it was, where your voice ricochets off the instruments with such bravura. I was very impressed, particularly as I could see you were frustrated with some of the limitations of the venue. All the best. I’m in Canberra for the next year so if you have another concert down here, do let me know.

  9. Fantastic performance! Brava! Looking forward to concerts.

  10. Maria, we were privileged to be entertained in an unbelievable way last night. Your passion and the pasion of the whole band shone through. The choice of songs was fantastic and the venue was spot on. We hope you were succesful in recording a “live CD” last night because we would certainly love to buy one.

  11. Dear Maria,

    My family and I had the very fortunate experience of seeing your performance last night. What an experience, you are absolutely awesome. As a keen follower of Greek (and jazz) music who has seen many Greek concerts by the top artists from overseas, I was amazed by your vocal range and interpretation of the classic and contemporary songs chosen. I do not remember seeing a concert that I enjoyed more. The variety of the songs and music was spellbinding for me and my wife. You and all the musicians supporting you were so professional and together that one could not help think that you were all playing as a unit for many years. Simply put it was a night to remember and was puzzled not to have heard of you before considering your immense talent. Could I PLEASE request that when this AMAZING music is recorded to a CD we have the opportunity to purchase it. Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful evening.

  12. Hi there Maria

    I have only come across you this month!!!! First at the Eastside Cafe – a wonderful evening, thank you! That evening, you had us all singing along to a very beautiful Theodorakis song (the only Theodorakis you sang that evening but I can’t remember the name of the song. (Although I know the song well) – can I trouble you to remind me please?
    Also, you were the support act for Eleftheria on the Monday night at the SOH – and you were wonderful again. She sang an encore (everyone wanted Dynata, dynata again but she said “leave that now” and she sang a very beautiful song instead ..I would love to know the name of that song if you remember which it was…

    With thanks and best regards, Margarita


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