Zorba to Jazz

An insight into musical ideas in the western classical tradition.

Presented by internationally acclaimed duo Spiros Rantos (violin) and Brachi Tilles (piano), with special guest artist Maria Yiakoulis (vocal), Romano Crivici (violin), Robert Harris (viola), Trish McMeekin (cello) and Dorit Herskovits (double bass).

As well as the popular music we all love, Greece has produced a distinguished National School in the western classical tradition, as well as modernist composers who develop Greek musical ideas in new ways. The concert includes works by Skalkotas, Konstantinidis, Sfetsas, Hatzidakis and Theodorakis, ranging from settings of folksongs to experiments with sounds from jazz and rock.

395 Oxford Street, Padding Uniting Church, Paddington.

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